In 1979 My parents divorced. I then was moved to Napa, California with my mother while my Dad and my sister stayed in Washington. My mother settled down shortly with a new boyfriend name Brian Casebolt. I think he sold knives for Knifeco or something like that. We lived in a 3 bedroom house at 1488 Yahome street.

I started pre-school located in the main park of Jefferson. I actually remember this preschool very well. Things like the oversized blocks and really nice girls working there. I remember nap time and playing in the playpen.

I then went to Mcpherson’s pre-school and kindergarten where I remember being bigger then everyone and smarter. It was nothing I thought was good at the time.¬†I kind of stuck out. They offered for me to skip first grade. My mother said no for her reasons and life went on. I was very geeky, right away. My profile was grown out hair, corduroys with no exception, and a collared shirt. Just a year before I liked old t-shirts like king kong and spiderman but not anymore, I was in the big time going into kindergarten.

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