About me

Charles Yarbrough was born in Port Townsend Washington in 1975. After only four years of age he moved to Napa California where he was raised. After High School he studied deeply into Philosophy and Ethnic Culture. After reading most of the books written by Freud he studied history and events that predominantly shaped modern society.

For work purposes Charles changed his major to Anoligy (the making of Wine) and transfered to Davis after doing a semester in the Wine program at Napa College.

After a year of studying wine, working at a winery and making wine Charles decided to once again change his major to business. This was due to realizing that making wine would rarely if ever leave him to working out of Napa. And that owning his own business was a childhood dream.

After leaving wine program he shortly studied at the Sonoma state business program where he got a offer from a friend to stay with them in Santa Barbara by UCSB.

After leaving Sonoma with a business degree he moved to SB to be with a good friend and explore a new community.

After a year of living in SB he rented a room in the Mesa by downtown SB.

He then met a girl fell in love and eventually got engaged and moved to Huntington Beach. The move a joint decision to start over in a new place.

After joining DWHS one year before this move also left him closer to his place of work in downtown LA. At this point Charles perused a stronger position with the DWHS family. After 4 years with DWHS he was offered a chance to invest in DWHS and become a partner in the corporation. After excepting the job DWHS seen it’s biggest years exponentially since then.

Charles after a break up with his long time girl friend moved to Hollywood to experience what he has always heard is a very liberal open minded place to have fun and socialize.

After one year of enjoying Hollywood circumstances led Charles back to Orange County we he resides now in his home by Huntington Beach.

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