First Grade

1st grade was with Mr Smith a overweight and terribly evil teacher, I can remember her mole and demeaning attitude it was ironic that my 4th grade teacher was named mrs smith too and was so nice. Being hugely stubborn I already started getting in trouble because I didn’t like my teacher. I made my first school friend in first grade Chris Belmore and I used to be very close along with two kids across the street Joel and nick. I started soccer this year as well so I was active with friends and doing kid things like; dirk clod wars, building tree forts by the train tracks, cherry apple wars, balloon fights. For more information on these games click here. We had chains hanging down with math addition and the smartest kids would have the longest chains. I learned how to play kickball and tetherball and ran the lunch breaks with my friends since we where the best players. Although we would get shown up by a girl doing cherry drop (hanging upside down and dropping to your feet) I wouldn’t touch that. There was tree that lead up to the roof man I wanted to climb that so bad but I knew I would be in serious trouble if I did. Of course I did and didn’t even get caught. It was so exciting looking down on the kids no one knowing where I was.

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