Thanks for a great weekend!

Thanks Paul for going all out Friday it was a amazing time and will never be forgot.

Thanks to Gears of war for keeping me entertained while I recovered from Friday.

Thanks to Louie for throwing a very unique party Saturday and making the best of it.

ThanksĀ  to Donna, Marci, Jeff, and Lucy for making the playoff game so fun. Sorry about the loss though. And thanks for the pool games and beers afterwards.

Thanks to Pool Paul at Barney’s for brutally kicking my ass at pool so I can realize I am merely a lesser mortal then some.

Thanks to Mike for chillin at the Bean.

Thanks to Henry for meeting me at the Dragon Fly where the party was off the shizzy and the band was one to remember (understatement).

And thanks to Bernard for being a good dog while I was gone for most of the weekend.

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