Secrets to improving your memory

o.k. so someone asked me the other day How To Improve Their memory. This was after I rolled off lots of details of a moment from 6th grade. See I have a amazing memory but it has a major flaw…. it’s very picky to what it wants to remember. So anyways on with the tricks to why I’m so brilliant.

1. This is like running a treadmill, if you do it once you will work up a sweat but you won’t lose any weight. You need to do it a couple times a week and eventually you will build up a crazy memory.

The old one was to simply write down a string of numbers starting with any number.

So first put 4 then say 4 then put 48 and say 4 – 8 not forty eight. And keep going some people have done this so much they can do strings of 30 or more. I’m at about 11 but the norm is about 8 after a month.

2. This is one that I always figured but didn’t know until I ready a study done on it recently.

Reading out loud, we all hated it in school (well actually I like it) but in reality the reason is because it requires more use of the brain at one time then any other thinking process. The recent study shows a MRI of brain activity when spelling, doing math, playing music, and nothing was even close. In fact the other where less then 10% and reading was almost 80%. For example try reading out loud and running into traffic. See if you can dodge the cars while reading. I’m going to say probably not even if you read is Clifford’s (the big red dog) greatest trips to the park.

3. Walking – Believe it or not walking has been proven to improve your memory and general brain power by 30% if done every day.

4. Sleeping – Having nights sleep (7-8 hours) that includes going into a stage 3 sleep deepness is proven to allow your brain to have a higher constitution.

5. De-stress – Dwelling on issues in your life can hurt your brain and memory activity. here are the key ways to deal with stress:

1. Sleep with a regular patterns that include reaching stage 3

2. Controlling your life, don’t wake up when your body wants to or eat when you feel hungry. You need to control how your body and mind works or it will not respond to your needs.

3. Meditate once a week, just relax and focus on a candle while thinking about about blue skies or the fire itself. the key to meditation is to only think of one obsolete thing for as long as you can.

4. lose weight, access weight can effect your self esteem and create doubt about yourself in the back of your mind.

5. Stay active at least 3 times focus spending an hour or more being active.

6. Spend less money, even if you are in debt or not make a game out of ways to spend less and still be happy with what you have and do.

Seriously though you have to keep your brain challenged regularly. Otherwise will be first in line for Dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s!

So read, think deep thoughts, outwit your friends, and stay active. Also meditate, otherwise your brain won’t appreciate itself.

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