KROQ LA Invasion 2007; Rock is dead

With such an awesome line up, how can you go wrong right?  Well..  start by not having an actual show, did these people forget what a concert is supposed to be like? I mean every band just ran around on stage other then David Groul going through the crowd. I had a feeling Foo Fighters where going to be the only ones to step it up. Not too mention the stage looked like something from the mtv music awards. Is this a Pink concert or is this Rock! The music was good and the bands didn’t kill the concert. If anything killed the concert it was the lifeless drones standing there, front spooning their girlfriends. Didn’t concerts have people that moved at one point, or heaven forbid people that partied? Despite the lack of life from the crowd we did find some awesome people, and did have fun in style; Kon fu fighting when we shouldn’t of been, Brandies infamous robot when it wasn’t appropriate and getting woke up by cops when Brandy and I where on a lawn (maybe a little drunk). They seriously said they have to haul us in for public indecency…WHAT! I had beg for forgiveness needless to say. I mean getting drunk at a concert what was I thinking. So we went back to the truck and passed out for a couple hours then got some Del taco on the drive home and crashed until 1 then next day.

Rock on!

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