So who you voting for?

At this point I have to say the most impressive and qualified is: Ron Paul

Smaller government is the only true capitalism that will ever work. As we sink farther into quicksand by borrowing from other countries by making promises and interest and printing money with no gold to back it up we have one hope. As a nation we need to get back to the very foundation that made the USA the fastest growing country in the world.

With ideas like making energy a free enterprise and taking our military out of other countries I can see getting back on track. Also he believes in the same theory that our top economists have near proven, by nearly removing the income tax and taking the fear out of people it will allow more room for innovation and new enterprise. This is basically in the constitution.

He also believes in putting business in charge of there own restrictions, you might think that business will do the wrong thing to help their bottom line but really this will allow it to be much easier for a competitor to come in and show off there bad tactics to take a share of the business. At this point cooperation’s become so large they can pay off lobby interests and media to avoid having to display there dirty laundry.

Just like everything the government has tried to regulate or run, the current system will fail and needs to go back to what this country was found on: The constitution and free capitalism.

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