Where to get the news: Living in Orange County California

If your like me you like to check what’s going on new in life within about
15 to 30 minutes. I think I have mastered how to do this Orange County by utilizing
local and global resources.

  • First I usually open LaTimes.com for the most part they have everything
    big that’s going on there.
  • Next I open ocregister.com to see if there is anything local I might have
    interest in but for the most part is just something to do a pot farm getting
    rated or some driving accident.
  • Next I check out BBC.co.uk in case the worlds going to end or something
    with politics is in question.
  • Then I check out the local paper at http://www.hbindependent.com/ but for
    the most part is feels like a high school paper without the enthusiasm.

I save the most fun for last:

  • Next is Drudge report it has the news that corporations are afraid to list
    in fear of losing viewers. Trust me, it usually has the best articles of them
  • Next for fun I head over to www.digg.com and see what the internet world
    is doing, comment on a couple threads and post some if I have something new
    to share. Usually I don’t lol

I keep all these links in my toolbar bookmarks off to the right separated by
a little bar for easy finding every morning. Also to find a product (for example
a pool light) I have four places I like to shop:

  • First is OC Focus to find a local Orange County Business, I like to stay
    away from big corporations if possible.
  • Next is Craigslist for the same reasons.
  • Next is Ebay and for electronics Newegg and finally next is Google in hopes
    of finding a site that has what I want.

It might seem like allot but I can roll through the news and or shopping
in about 30 minutes or less. Compared to the old days of reading articles you
don’t like in a huge news paper or driving around town to trying and find something
I would say technology has made these two sections in my life much better!

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