Flying RV 100k

The big brother that starts at 300k

The biggest LSA ever designed and built. So big you can sleep in it, carry bicycles, kayaks or more luggage than you’ll ever need with 6 hours of autonomy and a cabin of 152 cubic feet.

The Ecoflyer is a composite airplane with a single piston engine. The Ecoflyer is equiped per Farr 91.205, to meet day and night VFR flight.

The Ecoflyer two-seat light sport aircraft also serves as a flying motor home. Need a place to stay at your destination? Bring a sleeping bag and stretch out on the cabin’s built-in bed. Want to go bicycling or kayaking? Bring your gear along in the airplane. You can even set up a camp table inside and turn the two front seats around to create dining for four. The Ecoflyer is built in Canada by Explorer AĆ©ronautique, the same folks who developed the much larger Private Explorer, a flying motor home designed for aerotourism. A prototype of the Ecoflyer is flying now, and you can buy your own for just $100,000. Deliveries are expected to start by late 2009. (819.536.5353,

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