Toyota IQ

Toyota is world-premiering the production design of the new iQ at the Geneva Motor Show. First shown as the Concept Car iQ at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the iQ will go into production during late 2008.

The new iQ is a sophisticated car, representing the ultimate refined urban mode of transportation.

Thanks to its ingenious and revolutionary packaging it measures less than three metres in length, yet has a flexible interior space that allows up to three adults, plus a child or luggage to travel comfortably.

The name iQ is the best representation of what the car embodies. “i” stands for individuality, whilst at the same time also expressing “innovation” and “intelligence”. “Q” stands for “quality” and also suggesting that its “cubic” stature gives a “cue” to new value and lifestyle.

The iQ delivers dynamism and stability despite its small size. It challenges conventional thinking through a design that is forward-looking, intelligent and energetic, while retaining clarity of purpose and function.

The marvel of the iQ’s ingenuity is in its revolutionary packaging, which is the result of six space-saving but inter-linked engineering innovations that represent a break-through in Toyota’s automotive vehicle development.

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