Top 10 foreign cities with the most American arrests in 2008

1. Tijuana

Despite all the tourists scared away by the bloody struggles between Tijuana police and Mexican drug lords, Tijuana continues to lead the world in arrests of Americans abroad with 687.

In fact, arrests there increased in the last year, while figures were falling in the rest of Mexico and the world. The contrast baffles some experts.

In the year ended Sept. 30, 687 Americans were arrested in Tijuana, according to U.S. State Department statistics requested by the Los Angeles Times.

That figure far exceeds numbers for runners-up: London (256 arrests), Mexico City (142) and Hong Kong (107).
(Guillermo Arias / AP)

10. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

9. Kingston, Jamaica

8. Dominican Republic

7. Nogales, Mexico

6. Tokyo, Japan

5. Nassau, Bahamas

4. Hong Kong

3. Mexico City, Mexico

2. London

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