Mission – Morning Routine

Me at 9:30 AM about to walk the dog on March 30th 2009

Mission – Morning Routine

I think I finally locked down a solid morning wake up and workout routine that I can get used to.

Wake up to a wakeup cd that’s actually good. Song list (random): Joe Esposito’s You’re the Best Around, eye of the tiger by Survivor, Bone Thugs First of the Month, I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff, technotronic’s pump up the jam, fatboy slim’s weapon of choice, take those old records off the shelf by the silver bullet band, Good morning Good morning by The Beatles, I love LA, by Huey Lewis and the news. I know I know to spend more time on it.

Then I go make a smoothie.

I tend to use apple or orange juice then yogurt, fresh organic fruits like kiwi’s, mango, or bananas, then I add protein mix and some frozen organic blue berries and ice. While that is mixing I start:

Basic cleaning.

This is mostly air freshener (non chemical if I can), and wiping counters, throwing away anything from the previous night and organizing anything out of place. Then the I start my:

Basic morning workout.

This consists of 2 sets of 20 perfect push ups and as of now five sets of three pull ups. I know that I need to be doing about ten. Then I throw my slippers on and take the smoothie and Bernard (my 2 year old cockapoo on a walk). When i get back my smoothie is usually done so I get some water, throw hydroxy cut in it and do some more pushups and pull ups while I drink that. Next:

I need to clean up.

So I brush my teeth, shower, and all that good stuff. And then get:

Ready for work mode.

Which means finding something to wear for whatever the day brings. Then I head over to work and the day begins.

I know exciting right 😉 whatever.

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