A little about A.L.O.P.

In one sentence A.L.O.P. is an animal protection organization started by Charles Yarbrough to help protect and inform people about animals.

Our goal?

We feel there is not much one person can do to help in the full spectum of animal abuse. A.L.O.P. wants to bring people together to help animals. The more people the more we can do to help spread the knowledge and help for animals in need.

How we will reach our goal?

The time line for A.L.O.P. is as broad as what’s needed for such a large achievement in society. The challenge is huge and the resources for beating such a large opponent are scarce.

With this said we are still completely confident that we will prevail and animals will be protected as they should at one point in time.

There are many targets like game hunting for amusement, animals trained to fight each other for betting profits, wild animals killed for reasons other then food (And someday we might even get past needing them for food). The list goes on unfortunately..

Once we get more visitors to the website and members who sign up for free and contribute we will be able to work on passing new laws and fighting the current laws that are not reasonable.

How can you help?

1. Link to A.L.O.P. from your website: Any link is fine, from banners to a simple text link it will help the awareness needed to achieve our goals.

Text Links are another great way to help

Animal Life Organized Protection
The A.L.O.P. project is a organization of people working together to help abused animals around the world.


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  • Candy
    July 22, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    I love that site, one of your best for sure!

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