The weekend of April 17th


First of all I haven’t been a real concert in over a year, which is personally disgusting. To make up for my lack of involvement with the music world it only makes sense to attend the largest concert of them all, well one of them at least. Coachella is a annual music and arts festival somewhere around Palm Springs, CA. More then the music it’s known for the last anthem to California’s Hippy lifestyle, I guess the burning man might  fall into this as well but it’s more Ravish and Dark now then anything else. Coachella still keeps that peaceful free your mind vibe that is unfortunately slowly fading from society. I have always admired people who dedicate themselves to send a message of change for the better, I mean not showering daily, wearing obnoxious clothes, and driving 600 miles in your bumper sticker plastered somewhat eco friendly car (at least in size),  is not exactly a night at the Ritz. But still awkward smell and all, modern and old hippies still live their lives happy knowing they are tossing a rock in the settled lake of post modern bureaucracy. I guess we all have our ways of flipping off the MAN, honestly I’m a little to focused on keeping my own Peace to help spread the word about world peace. So for now, I’ll just have to salute them. Hats off to people that still delve in home made tie dyes, 11 minute long songs with little lyrics, Sleeping in tents with too many un-showered people, and pilling into a way too over crowded sun soaked field just to hang out and get a glance at a band that is probably too high to sound good. See you there 😉

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