Masturbation side effects as shown by Paris 1844

Here is ten Myths and Stereotypes about Masturbation.

  1. Does masturbation cause blindness? No
  2. Do spouses continue to masturbate after marriage? Yes
  3. Why are people so embarrassed about masturbation? Society Myths
  4. Why do women often have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse? Intercourse is mostly mental, it’s only a matter of time before she find the right state of mind to orgasm easily.
  5. How much masturbation is too much? More than once a day, this can cause possible damage and desensitize you from the joy of other people.
  6. What do I tell my toddler that keeps touching himself? To stop, he can decide later if he wants to do it when he has a better grasp on sexuality. Of course don’t get mad at him or her.
  7. Will eating Kellogg’s cornflakes make me stop doing it? No
  8. Is shower massage masturbation okay? Yes
  9. Can masturbation help me learn to have an orgasm? Yes
  10. Should I tell my partner that I masturbate? Yes

Here is a crazy picture portrayed by Paris in 1844


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  • Adam & Eve, Adult Sex Toys
    September 9, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    If people could run similar ads nowadays, I wonder if they would?!

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