New York and Back in 4 days


My first trip to New York turned out great. There was so many reasons why it was great but I particularly liked first of all the food! I felt like I joined a secret society that only elite family’s would allow direct descendants to partake in. I showed up at the JFK in New York at about noon after leaving LA at 6 am. I was so generously picked up by Denise and my fantastic GF Natalie who both where ample in the high level of enjoyment my east coast excursion was about to unfold. Once we got back to Oyster Bay I was greeted by the nicest family where I ate my first New York made Pizza! And to it’s reputation it was amazing. Next we hung out In Oyster Bay which is a traditionally maintained colonial community with lots of small lakes, green trees, and well kept estates. oyster-bay-canalAfter settling in, we took a walk along the Oyster bay canals where we caught the sun running off the canals. The place had an unusual calm and confidence about it’s way of life there. Next we met up with friends and took a train that was established in 1834 to the New York subway. At the subway we where lucky enough to run into a rogue rat roaming the tracks looking for food. My first view on the subway was how the surprising element of danger was overlooked so easily by the roaming New Yorkers. I also was surprised to see a California style smoothy spot with wheat grass shots smack dab in the middle of all the the hot dog and double stacked hamburger joints. Once we got on the subway we headed off to time square while being packed back to back with strangers. My first thought of Time Square was Wow, I mean it was truly huge and a true symbol of the millions of dollars that trade hands every minute in New York. We then went for sushi at a great little spot barely off the main street. The Sushi was good but not quote the freshness I have grown to expect from places like Sushi Roku and Fresh in a Box in LA, none the less a great place and great food!

We then went to a bar called Beauty Bar, I have been to the one in LA and was prepared for the pinks and girly accents. I wasn’t as prepared for the gay side of it. The gay guys did not bother me, I was just was not expecting my first bar in NY to be something so peaceful. The place turned out to be really fun, it was especially conducive to dancing and chit chat. The service was a little poor for example some bar tender shoved my GF out of his way rather then asking her to move. All in all it turned out to be a great time.

We got home about 2:30 and got a good nights sleep. Sunday was probably my Favorite day, amazing food and relaxing with great new friends. Something I think I needed with all the stress of the economy and moving that I have had to deal with lately. We finished the night off with a home made pasta sauce that I will never forget and everyone vegging out on the couch to a movie. Monday was my chance to get a good look at New York during the day and a chance to taste some local food. We drove in early thanks to a delicious breakfast getting us going. This gave me a chance to wonder around places like Union Square park where I ran into the coolest costume store that I have ever seen, what claimed to be the biggest used book store in the world, and the oldest bar in New York which had the original ceiling tile, bar, and wood panels. We drove around from there checking out the Rockefeller center and the church there that was breathe taking. Next we went to Little Italy where I had an amazing Chicken Parmesan. The rest of the trip was great company and great home cooked food until I got back Tuesday night just in time to sleep through Cinco de mayo lol. All I can say is… I can’t wait to go back, what a great weekend.

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