Drudge Report falls asleep

You would think a website that gets 1.2 million hits a day would find time to update. In the last week Drudge Report has only updated 2 times and today has no top story:


You also have to wonder why a website that gets millions of hits needs to pull such pathetic attempts for attention as to deface the president with a movie character prank. Especially with the thousands of smart factual bloggers out there now-a-days that actually dig into the story to get the unbiased facts.

There is substantially better information finders out there that get no credit yet this old power house for traffic news source seems to be getting worse on content and bigger in rep.

I just hope trends can be beet on the internet by hard work and honesty. At this point one of my favorite sites needs to be succumb to a better news medium.

I would normally put a alternative here but there is none. Some might say the bbc  or new york times? For now the dreaded and slow Driudge Report is still my top favorite for a quick look at the news.

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