Socialism and communism


Socialism and communism have many similarities as well as many differences. It’s difficult to decipher the true differences between socialism and communism because too many societies have tried different types of both systems and many political parties with different agendas have defined both systems in biased terms. There are some general distinguishing factors that can be found still today.

The first and most distinguishable is that Socialism is about the economy, where communism is about the economy and the government responsibility.

Socialism is about people all owning a country equally, similar to Mexico where no one can actually buy property. In Mexico all property is owned by the government. Unlike Communism, Socialism can work with a Capitalistic society. In fact, rewarding people for harder work goes well with the idea that everyone will benefit from it.

Both socialism and communism are similar in that they seek to prevent the unbalanced effects that are sometimes produced by capitalism. For example 11% of of the American population has more money then the other 89% combined. Even worse, most of these wealthy few move their money off seas, this throws off our countries economic supply and demand.

Both socialism and communism are based on the principle that the goods and services produced in an economy should be owned publicly, and controlled and planned by a centralized organization. Socialism asserts that the distribution should take place according to the amount of individuals’ production efforts, however, while communism asserts that the goods and services should be distributed among the populace according to individuals’ needs.

Another difference between socialism and communism is that communists assert that both capitalism and private ownership of the means of production must be done away with as soon as possible in order to make sure a classless society, the communist ideal, is formed. Socialists, however, see capitalism as a possible part of the ideal state and believe that socialism can exist in a capitalist society. In fact, one of the ideas of socialism is that everyone within the society will benefit from capitalism as much as possible as long as the capitalism is controlled somehow by a centralized planning system.

Another difference between socialism and communism is centered on who controls the structure of economy. Where socialism generally aims to have as many people as possible influence how the economy works, communism seeks to limit that number to a smaller group.


Why I think a hybrid of Mostly Capitalism and Some Socialism is the next step for an advanced society.

Imagine your country as a baseball team, some people can hit better, some can pitch better, some can run better, and some are just average or not very good. Paying the people who can do their job better is a way of keeping the team trying harder and will help the team do better. If Baseball was like our country then people who play better would make so much more money that the management would not be able to give the average players much money and the ones less then average, even less money. Because the better players make most of all the money that can eat better, have less stress, and use better equipment and time to practice making themselves be better and better. The lower players would eat worse and stress more from not having enough money to be able to take care for their family’s. This would make them play worse and spiral down as the better players get better. Point being; the scale of being better at something to being average or sub average is so drastic that millions and continually more peoples lives are getting worse while a small percentage is getting exponentially richer. For example; Walmart made 4 people the 4 of the top ten richest people in the world, but their company killed all the local shop owners and smaller chains.

Walmart replaced thousands of middle class jobs with very low paying  jobs. All so 4 people can become extremely rich. The scale is getting more and more spread with other industries as well, not just retail. As corporations take over more and more, this creates with time a faster downfall or spiral effect.

Our current system knows how this works, so they print more money to help the under average and average people, they do this rather then just tax or take from the rich. The problem is the wealthy have so much leverage on our economy that middle and lower class people cannot compete with them anymore. The bailout funds just goes to richer people getting richer. The government calls this the trickle down effect, but recently this is being proved as dysfunctional, hence our current economic bind. The trickle down effect means giving rich people money is smarter then to the other classes and that rich people will disperse the funds through companies and smarter spending. Recently this had failed because of greed, which I think goes hand in hand. Most rich people are greedy and selfish (not all, but most). Obama in 2009 gave a stimulus package to help failed banks. This was so people could afford the mortgages by lowering them that the banks own and the stimulus would also help millions of jobs from being lost. But because of fine print in the stimulus agreement the executives of these corporations where able to take the money for themselves (as bonuses) and still let the banks and corporations go under. Greed is inedible with any country at any time. The government has to factor greed and regulate it, our country needs this rather we like what it’s called or not.

It’s true, we need to have a aggressively competitive country to be progressive. Capitalism bring this out, but without regulating the limits the rich will keep getting richer and the poor poorer. This will cause more crime and depression. Eventually creating the demise of the US. Without proper regulation of how rich people use the money they made from the US, our economy will get worse and worse.

How communism started and why it is looked down on so much:


Vladimir Lenin was the man to start communism, but also allowed it to used for corruption. He did do some good and stopped public ridicule of homosexuals and allowed people to have more free speech. He was exiled to Siberia and when he returned he focused on communism abroad until he was able to bring it to Russia in a way people can consider. He was the person who finally turned Russia into a communist country, this was dine by violence and murder. He died of a heart attack in 1922

There was a civil war and in the outcome Joseph Stalin came to rule and through the war worked with Hitler and other dictators to decide the fate of millions. He had a strategic front that made his people think he was a kind and caring man. He would say publicly how much he loved kids and lowers while the same day signing contracts to kill hundreds of people that where innocent. He eventually took credit for winning the war against Germany which was false but the Russian people had no way to know different and still thought he was a good person. Joseph Stalin is known as the leader that murdered thousands and used Communism to rule with murder and corruption.

Still today people say communism does not work because of what Stalin did with a country that was ruled by it. No other industrialized country has be a communist society ever since. This is subject to it giving too much power to the government. One persons rule has created the fear the rest of the world has for communism, by ignorance people assume it’s the same as Socialism.

Solution for now:

  • But your food local and organic
  • Stay away from conglomerate corporations
  • Re-think socialism as being different then communism and something that might help
  • Try to keep your money in the country
  • Help poor people, it’s not their fault that they grew up in a competitive country that they are not molded too.
  • Don’t let money problems effect your happiness, just create a rule that anything associated with money will not change how you feel, but is simply a means for buying stuff.

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