Burglar Killed by Homeowner with Ornamental Sword

O.K. so I know when you go to my bathroom or back in Orange County I had swords on the wall. Ha ha, I have heard endless chuckles about how cheesy they are. Well this home owner is getting the last laugh for his ornamental swords.

Here is the article:

The 29-year-old man arrived home from work at his flat in Erie, Pennsylvania and immediately noticed something wrong. His dog was acting strangely, and he heard a noise coming from the apartment. So he grabbed an ornamental sword from the wall…

The unnamed man found an armed Delvon J. Crockett, 24, apparently trying to burglarize his house. So he stabbed him once in the chest with the sword, fled to another room, and called 911.

By the time police arrived, Crockett was dead on the floor near a door. They also recovered what appears to be Crockett’s .380 automatic.

The homeowner wasn’t injured, but he may have saved his own life. Crockett had a history of gun, drug and assault charges.

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