6 not so obvious things I learned about getting in good shape

If you don’t have time to paint on your abs everyday like Gerald Butler in 300 then you probably are like me and need to hit the gym to stay looking healthy. I have read countless articles and have had even more conversations about how to work out and eat to stay in good shape. Just recently I unlocked the puzzle to all of this so I thought I would share some of the things you may not know that recently figured out.

Keep in mind there are basics not covered here like eating less carbs vs what you burn daily, getting a trainer for proper form, stretching before a workout, supplements, and so many more. This article is more about things you might not know already.

1. Drinking 16 glasses of water a day will actually help you trim down. Professional boxers routinely do this weeks before a fight to lose weight and flush out any toxins. You might have a full belly of water for a couple days but shortly after you will feel better and trim down a notch. I highly recommend getting a water dispenser.

2. Go to the gym almost everyday. Trainers always say day on to break down the muscles and a day off to recover. I think this is only important if you are a pro body builder and spend 5 hours each time at the gym. For the rest of us, getting to the gym everyday even if you just do cardio means you will keep your metabolism up and it’s just easier to not have to follow a routine of when to go and when not to. I go Monday through Friday and reward myself with the weekends off, works great for over a month now.

3. Do a 10 minute cardio warm up before lifting. The reality is no matter how big you are if you have fat covering your muscles then it’s not going to be healthy. Doing cardio gets your heart rate up, blood circulating, which helps burn more carbs during lifting. Ideally you would do another 20 minutes of cardio afterward as well.

4. Eat simple. Carbs or no carbs is always the hot topic for dieting. But nothing helps you burn carbs better then if they come from simple natural foods. Processed carbs like pasta, sugar, dairy, and whatever in’s fast food do not break down easily. Your body has to take more time and work to burn them off or it will just store it for later (not good). I eat more carbs now then I ever have before, but have lost 15 pounds in two months (I know crazy, but true). The difference is I eat only healthy natural foods like rice, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seafood, grilled chicken, ect. I eat almost the same meals everyday,  mainly because my assistant is an amazing cook and makes rice taste like heaven.

5. Alcohol is a biggie. Not drinking for me is not an option (snicker), hold on I’m not going to Betty Ford’s just yet. I work from home so I need to go out just to stay sane, this means social drinking most of the time. So if your like me and must drink (snicker) then here are some safe low carb drinks: Rum or whiskey and Diet Coke, Vodka and Diet Red Bull or Diet Ginger Ale (hard to find) and non dirty martinis are o.k. If you are pounding drinks like more then three all night then stay away from regular coke, any beer, and anything with sugar period. Ideally the perfect drink would be Organic Vodka with Diet Organic Ginger Ale.

6. Stay Happy. Cortisol is real and when you stress it kicks in and stores your carbs in bad places. Basically it thinks you are getting ready for winter and stressing over the possible lack of food. (Remember our bodies adapted to land living for thousands of years before civilization and those adaptation are still in us.) Staying happy not only causes a domino effect around the world of something good but helps you stay trim and motivated. Remember we all have flaws, embrace them as part of life and don’t worry too much just do the best you can and let the chips fall as they may. (If you worry about not doing your best, then that is doing your best and defeats itself)

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