What is happiness?

And how not to be depressed

Somethings in life are simply complicated, like Calculus and Computer Programming. But when did basic human emotions become such a puzzle? When did just being happy become such a battle. Through time society has allowed more people to have a safe happy life yet no one is taking it. Everyone wants more or seems puzzled by what they need.

Right now there is over 20 millions people clinically depressed in the US and 100’s of millions around the world. Not too mention the millions that do not say how they feel.

Here are simple rules for everyone to understand how to be happy but not ignorant. How to appreciate life but not take it for granted. Here is ten things required to be happy in life. These things are not tips, there is no way to get around these thing, they all are required to be happy in life.

These are in order, 10 being the most important.

1. You need to believe in something bigger then you. God, Earth, Spirits, Space, Science, anything that keeps you grounded and humble. A big head means little wit and bigger headaches!

2. You need a staple. This is something you can go back to when things get rough. Maybe movies, maybe books, maybe a place you know better then anyone. This is a form of resetting.

3. You need fun. Boring is not always bad but not having any fun is. A good balance is to have one or two days a week of doing things that are not practical or normal but you enjoy. It’s important to balance your fun with things you feel you should be doing.

4. You need Entertainment. Entertainment has been around since caveman times. All people need to feel special and by being entertained we feel that we have earned a reward or someone cares enough to show us their best.

5. You need to feel comfortable. The whole theory that some people need drama to be happy is false. Simply put you need a fairly safe home, a fairly safe environment, people you can trust, and the other things on this list to be happy. (Drama is not one of them)

6. You need to try your best. Some people are so afraid of failure and looking bad they throw in the towel before they can even try. But this resonates in ways that will ripple through your personality, subconsciously effecting your happiness. Not caring about something does not make it go away, it just files itself as failure in the back of your mind. You are only a failure at something if you do not try your best.

6a. You need to fail with grace. This the extension to rule 6, you need to be able to fail and get back up with grace. This is called resiliency and is vital for a solid human core and confidence.

7. You need nature. Try living in a cell for years with no trees, fresh air, gardens, butterflies, rain, or bugs. You will not last long, this is a major issue with astronauts and prison mates. People need natural life, the most happy places in the world like Costa Rica has a slew of money and crime problems but with their amazing environment and pride they are happiest place in the world. In future this can change with adaptions, for now Nature is still needed by everyone.

8. You need to learn. It’s sad, but the biggest cause of death in the US is not cancer or even old age. It’s simply losing interest. If you do not have passion for new things your mind will stop producing new electrodes that keep your mind active. Like muscles that go away when not used and your mind needs to keep learning to stay functioning strong.

8a. You need to have a purpose. Einstein, (one of idols) says that you need a mission to be happy in life. You need a goal or a path in life to stay happy. “Think about what you want, stay focused on it, and do not worry if it doesn’t happen.”

9. You need love. John Lennon was almost right, but “love is almost all we need” is more suiting. Love is so important in ways that will never be explained. Love comes in so many shapes and forms and has no scientific explanation, yet is the biggest influence in the world as we know it. Think of all the people that have fought and changed history as we know it for love. Thus love is constantly re-shaping life as we know it.

10. The most important component for happiness is “Truly not feeling guilty”. In the common definition of happiness it says a “feeling of euphoria or joy without guilt or penalty”.  There is several proverb about how you create hell and heaven from your actions. Some believe you get a head start on your after life right here on earth when doing things that are wrong. Of course right or wrong is a conversion that requires novels to explain, not a top ten list. But it is safe to say wrong is something we do not feel is right. So ask yourself about the little things you do that do not feel right, like eating fast food or ignoring your pets or letting your plants die. All these little things you do that are not right, your brain stores in a little place called guilt. And when there is no room to store your guilt, it spills over to the rest of your brain seeping negative chemicals in every thought you have.

Be careful of temporary ways to cover your guilt. Things like drugs, sleep, and feelings that make you boost your ego like having someone like you are being part of a group that things the same is not helping.

What is the solution? Know your vises, know your weaknesses, do the right things in life, and allow a little room for mistakes. For example if you smoke weed don’t do any other drugs on a regular basis. If you love fast food, then make sure and get your 8 glasses of water, exercise, and take vitamins. Your mind knows right and wrong and needs you to take action on doing the right things. If you ignore the good your mind believes you should have, your guilt will eventually consume any hopes of happiness.

Simply put: You need to feel you are doing what is right according to what you have learned is right your whole life.


1. Wake up when you think you are supposed to wake up not when you want to.

2. Eat three meals a day if you believe this is what you are supposed to eat.

3. Work hard if you think this is a important value even if your job does not require it.

4. Have a values, a set of rules you will not compromise on no matter what happens in life. Unless you learn one of your values is not what you think is right.

5. Don’t worry…. if you try your best and learn from your mistakes then you can be nearly guilt free for most things. Just lets the chips fall as they may and never stop trying your best.



“Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become
a man of value.”

“I believe that a simple and unassuming life is good for everybody, physically and mentally.”

William McFee

“People don’t ever seem to realize that doing what’s right’s no guarantee against misfortune.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Margaret Sanger

“If we are really to live at all we must put our convictions into action”

Margaret Sanger

“If we are really to live at all we must put our convictions into action”


“Without that innate sense of human worth, a man cannot long endure adversity, nor can he long enjoy prosperity.”

Sources: Me being happy most of the time 😉

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