11:11 is a old legend with no known origin, that allows you to make up to two wishes a day. Keep in mind there three strict rules to this.

1. You cannot wait or anticipate the time, the wish is only good if you just happen to look at a clock and it says 11:11.

2. The time zone is not relevant but the clock being the correct time is.

3. You cannot tell anyone your wish and if you tell someone after the wish happens it can be reversed.

Lol of course this is just for fun but some people do believe that at 11:11 within each time zone a door briefly opens to a spiritual world that allows us to ask for extraordinary things.

Several religous organizations believe that 11:11 is a very special number that symbolizes the time god creates life.

For me like praying and blowing on dandelions most of the time I think the wishes are just heard by our souls. Then the wishes resonate in a special place that makes us a stronger person that is able to achieve such extraordinary things.

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