Your web hosting may be hurting your SEO

I knew that the IP of the account was not a factor when Google decided if your domain is going to move up the SEO ranks. But according to this Article by the Google filter guy himself the Hostname is a factor. I am sure it’s not black and white but…

A host with thousands of accounts on one server like hostgator, godaddy, and I have heard dreamhost mean if another website on your server is in on the front page of Google you are very much less likely to get on there after. Also because these hosts have unlimited domains people tend to think it’s good to create a bunch of websites and cross link them. This can actually flag your server and once again effect your ability to rank high in Google.

Here is the excerpt from Google.

“Seven of the top 10 results all came from one domain, and the urls look a little… well, let’s say fishy. In 1999 and early 2000, search engines would often return 50 results from the same domain in the search results. One nice change that Google introduced in February 2000 was “host crowding,” which only showed two results from each hostname (here’s what a hostname is). Suddenly, Google’s search results were much cleaner and more diverse! It was a really nice win–we even got email fan letters. Unfortunately, just a few months later people were creating multiple subdomains to get around host crowding, as the results above show. Google later added more robust code to prevent that sort of subdomain abuse and to ensure better diversity. That’s why it’s pretty much a wash now when deciding whether to use subdomains vs. subdirectories.”

Why am I telling you this?

lol Basically this is another great reason to use a premium host like DWHS Website Hosting We limit our servers to about 300 accounts this is almost a thousand less then these cheap bulk hosts do. We also do not have unlimited domains and monitor our servers for customers trying to use black hat search engine tricks. We have thousands of first page Google listed customers (like we are) that will stay on the first page in Google because of the extra effort we keep as a premium web host.

I know the lure of unlimited sounds good but trust me if you actually start to use a lot of resource you will have major issues and in most cases you won’t even know other then less sales dropping from disgruntled site surfers.

With the many more reasons to choose a premium host like DWHS why use a cheap bulk hosting service?

It’s not the money, our plans start at just $3 a month. Web Hosting Plans
It’s the not the performance, we are more then 3 times faster then Hostgator.

It’s not the tools, wee have more tools that are rated higher.
It’s definably not the customer service, our highly trained staff have been here for a decade!

My guess is good marketing, but to be honest I would rather put my money into our advanced hosting technology and grow moderatly then to grow too fast by offering host crowding and false claims to the masses.

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