Being in a funk

In a funk: Depressed or upset.

In a rut: To do the same things all the time in which you become bored. To be in a situation where it is impossible to make progress.

We’ve all been there, most of us many times. No matter what we do, everything feels the same. You cannot see the path to the progress you crave for in your life. In some cases, things are getting worse. If it’s from losing a loved one, money problems, or just not having what you want in general, being in a rut or a funk can turn bad quick.

10 signs you are in a rut or a funk:

1. Your favorite music doesn’t sound good anymore.

2. You’re sleeping too much.

3. You’re eating too much.

4. You’re not active.

5. You’re not social.

6. You’re not traveling.

7. You’re dwelling on the past.

8. You’re not as tidy or clean as normal (literally in a funk).

9. You hate your job.

10. You’re not seeking new things to do.

If you have any or all of these, than stop for a moment, and prepare to break out. These tips will get you back on track and create some momentous positive energy in this otherwise repetitive time.

Here is ten things you can do to get you out of your rut!

1. Win! That’s right, find something you where good at and win at it. Even it’s beating a 11 year old at arm wrestling, a video game you uses to dominate at, tennis, horse shoes, beer pong, or patty cake. Find something you spent time learning in the past and kick ass at it. Winning releases strong serotonin and even oxytocin. Both help build the natural feeling of happiness and confidence.

2. Forget about past junk! You are a clean slate every morning and nothing can stop your mind, only you.

3. Do something ridiculously fun. Be it ordering the craziest desert you can find, wearing your favorite Halloween or comic character costume around town, or even just giving random people hugs. Being in a rut has a lot to do with your guilt keeping you from exploring new things. Doing something new, fun, and silly, even a little unorthodox, will help slap any silly guilt out the window and help you realize not to take life too seriously. PS, you might want to do this out of town.

4. Mix it up. Too many people have a routine that can last months, even years. We are creatures of habit, but we are not creatures of sleep, watch TV, eat, and sleep some more. We need adventure and excitement. If you never have any adrenaline than your body and mind will enter a coma like state. So white water raft, take a flight anywhere the airport happens to be going next, sleep in a park, whatever you choose, just shake things up with something exciting.

5. Party. I don’t mean a wine and cheese, pot luck, or even a party your kids might go to. Find a friend or go solo and get out of town to a popular party spot. Spend the $20 to get in, wait for an hour if you have to, it’s silly I know! Once you’re there, just hang out and relax. No one is a professional clubber, everyone is just there like you just trying to see what might happen or to mix things up. As cheesy and dumb as it might seem, you are now officially living in the moment and that’s something people in a funk usually lose perspective of.

6. Eat better.  Extra weight is 80% bad food and over eating, 10% lack of exercise, and 10% genetics. That means… what you eat is almost everything that the size your body is going to be. Boil it down to three small meals a day, or even skip a meal. A wise person told me once, “you can only get as big as what you put in your body!” Make sure to drink lots of water and stay away from carbs and sugar.

7. Get a better car or better clothes. People think a car or clothes is some status or macho thing. It’s not, a car and your clothes are part of your identity. If you like it or not, your car effects who you are. So get a kick ass ride and some kick ass clothes. This might help you remember that you are Kick Ass!

8. Cold turkey it. You had to beat millions of other little swimming sperms to be born. You’re alive in the most transitionally amazing era ever. There is hundreds of countries and millions of people just waiting to be part of your life. So realize it, embrace it, and create your own happiness.

9. Leave the country. Especially if you live in the US, you really need to experience what real hardship is. Homeless people in the US live better than most of Africa and several other major countries. Don’t just spectate when you travel, spend months living the life some other country has lived for centuries. I can assure you this will snap you out of any funk quicker then a lizard crossing a highway! And travelling helps you become more grounded and well rounded.

10. Help somebody.  Helping somebody is the gem of life that people overlook way too often. The beauty of helping others is that it really benefits the helper more most of the time. It’s a WIN WIN which I always love. The confidence and strength you get from helping others will be an amazing tool to help you get through anything in life.

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