6 ways to have people like you more

1. People like people that are complimentary (but not too complimentary) over people that find flaws.

2. Matching gestures will help people feel comfortable with you.

3. Speaking the same speed will help people feel like they know you better.

4. Let someone do a favor for you. Doing favors to others will not have them like you more. They need to do favors for you to feel invested and connected.

5. Do something embarrassing or human. People will not like you better if you are too serious, act self consumed, or can’t laugh at yourself.

6. Being positive will get people to attract to you like a magnet. Miserable people do like other miserable people but as soon as the person feels better they will leave someone that is miserable. miserable people only like other miserable attitudes because they both share the misery.

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