Doing what you love?

I was about 19, I had a pretty good job as a manager at the Sears store in Napa. Over 4 years the store went through three owners. They where all great people that taught me a lot and allowed me to be myself. After starting  junior college and working my way through a wine making program with Napa and Davis I decided maybe I should bring in other options considering the importance of this time in my life. I love Napa and wine but I knew I would need more for a full life.

After poking around I asked a family member their opinion on what I should do. She simple asked “what are the three things you like most in life”. At the moment it was music, computers, and small business, this led me to considering these as my new career focuses.

It was quick that I realized Music was a crap shoot and I never was very good at gambling. Shortly after removing music from the equation the other two shortly became my target. Luckily I had a strong work ethic and with the mission to follow my passion I don’t think anything could of stopped me.

I have always love Wine and my home town of Napa but looking back I couldn’t imagine not having my own businesses throughout the years.

Following what you love isn’t always an easy decision, it’s just an important one.

I realize if you cannot follow what you love you should love what you have, this is probably more important. That is why it helps to start early so you have a cushion in case the failures stack up to high and trust me they almost always will.

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