5 things needed to fix the economy quick.

We all know the economy is injured thanks to crooked banks and politicians. I couldn’t be happier seeing people leaving their corporate banks and finding local or at least smaller ones. BofA has miles of real reports of them simply stealing, lying, and hiding fees that will get you every time. Actually huge banks make more money off penalty fees then the accounts themselves. Wells Fargo added more fees then people should of got on mortgages. The list goes on but that is neither here or there.

The banks faults are not the point of this post, this is more about how to fix the damaged economy these banks too for granted and selfishly tanked.

All numbers are estimated based on 5 years and are based on wika data.

1. Lighten all law enforcement. Simply put we have way too many police and highway patrol. The reason is because it’s a business writing tickets and arresting people. But now more then ever the government needs to quit stealing from it’s people. Driving 55 does not save lives, it’s just gives cops a reason to ticket people driving a realistic highway speed.

Amount put back into peoples pockets: $56 billion

2. Shutdown NASA. I think putting our starship dreams on hold is not going to end our dreams as a country. Privatize space travel with subsidiaries and focus on telescopes and scientific computations. NASA is by far the least sacrifice for saving billions of dollars as a country.

Amount put back into the government and new business: $260 billion

3. Tax the richest 1%. Needless to say the rich would not be there without us. This is a luxury that needs to be compensated at least on a 5-10% scale beyond taxes (that they hardly pay).  It should be a special tax that goes completely into a fund for starting and growing new small businesses. Free commercials for each business would be a great idea to help small businesses.

Amount out back into new business: $230 billion

4. Stop the war.

Need I say more? We need to focus on defense as a nation. All able men should get basic training in case of a major war.

Amount put back into the economy: $520 billion

5. Pull out of foreign relations and limit importing.

What bothers me is everything is trying to come up with a  permanent solution when really we need to work on repairing the economy for now and once it’s back to normal we can be more flexible. Lock down imports with strict regulations and subsidize local business. We export almost nothing yet 80% of our economy is bases from other countries products. We will lose nothing and gain billions by supporting local business.

Amount put back into the economy: $600 billion

If we can make the bold moves needed in less then 5 years we will be stronger and smarter then ever as a nation.


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