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I have always kept this silly little 8 x 6 inch picture of a wolf trampling through the snow. At the bottom it said “make your own path”. Nothing to mind blowing or ironic, just a simple term that I always lived by. Of course there are many cases you should learn from someone else, there is a quote that says “A fool learns from his own mistakes, a smart man learns from others” Of course there are cases where that is 100% correct but in life, in business, and in personal discovery I find making your own path is by far more rewarding.

When I was about 23 I flew out to do three months in Tibet, not to help the poor or to be a monk, I went to experience what I thought was the polar opposite of our western culture. After all, to measure anything you need to know the ends of both angles. After about 2 months I came back just a bit early but truly enjoyed the experience. I got a Tibetan tattoo on my arm to never forget the experience, and to this day is the only tattoo I have ever got. If you follow the Tibetan tattoo link you will get the full details on the tattoo, but to ME it means something different, to me it means that I started my own path and made a commitment to stay on it.

The idea for this blog came from an article on Dwayne Wade’s new book “A Father First”. It takes amazing courage to admit that your mother did heroin and that you grew up in that element. I also had a very tough childhood, there was some violence and some stuff honestly I just can’t speak about yet. I can honestly say that my hard times did not make me less of a person. I remember teachers looking down on me because of my cheap clothes and rebel image. As an adult now it amazes how few people cared or could even see that I needed help. Of course I had attitude, it wouldn’t of been easy to get through to me. As they say anything great in life doesn’t come easy except for love and to be honest that should be part of a teachers job, they need to be trained on how to get kids to learn not just the ones that kiss their butt.

Like Dwayne I also had to get off the path I born into. Unfortunately a lot people I knew where not able and it has cost them dearly. The interesting part is if you can get past the adversity and not block out the hard times. The hard times can actually be used as strength and reminders that you are in control and have full control of your life and the path you choose to follow.

Tips for action:

1. Get productive friends or just ditch the ones you have if they are stuck in their own misery.
2. Improve your image, unfortunately this country cares a lot about this so in the least make sure you stay clean and sharp.
3. Stay in great shape, you can look like a slug but if your are built people will still respect you.
4. Eat healthy, stress is real and a healthy diet, water, and staying busy is your best defense.
5. Travel to third world countries, there is no better win win situation. You can help people that would love just to meet you and you will be a better more appreciative person for it.



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    April 12, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I love it!

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