20 ways to burn fat fast (for real)

Burning fat is not something that is just done, it’s a lifestyle and a total body process. When you are ready to get your weight back to normal or better, follow these simple and realistic steps to burning fat fast!


  1. Sprint daily: Even if it’s just in front of your house one time. You need to max out for it to have any effect.
  2. Lift Weights: this will burn fat, calories, and in the following days keep your metabolism higher.
  3. Find a sport to play: It’s hard to stay motivated if your work outs are boring, try to find a pick up basketball game or team sport.
  4. Reduce Stress: Yeah, you new it was coming… managing your cortisol by reducing stress will help lose fat. Well the truth is a pill will not do this but organizing your life and keeping things simple will.
  5. Do Yoga and Stretch: This is really important, you need to stretch everyday. Just think of your cat or dog, they stretch all the time and first thing in the morning to start. The fact is this allows your muscles to grow and function better AND it help you digest and have better blood flow.
  6. Stop Trying to Spot Reduce: Removing fat is a total body diet, health, and workout process, period.
  7. Get a scale and body fat monitor: Check your weight and body fat daily, if you start rising up make the changes needed to get back on track before it’s out of hand. Keep in mind if you want a six pack then you need about 11% or less BF to start, 9% to look good. The average for guys is 19%. This is also a great way to see what effect the foods you ate the day before have and if you should cut them out.
  8. Change Up Your Workout Order: Try every machine in the gym, that will get you some nice cross training muscles and help get your metabolism higher.
  9. Train with a Partner or in a Group: It’s always more motivating working out and training with a partner or people. If all your friends are lazy then higher a cheap trainer or just working out at the gym will help.
  10. Live by your staples: I eat chicken tacos made from a whole baked chicken and corn tortillas everyday. This is a healthy high protein meal that is cheap. Find yours or steal mine, but you need a go to healthy meal available everyday.
  11. Eat More Home-Cooked Meals and Eat Out Less: Processed foods like high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrated soybean oil, high amount of processed salt and sugar, synthetic fats, artificial flavoring, and way too much to list all piss your body off. Stay as natural as possible and you will start to burn fat fast in your sleep!
  12. Ditch Soda,Alcohol, and Drink More Water: For some people this might be a tricky one but it will help especially the soda. If you have to drink soda, drink diet soda or a soda that has real sugar and no high fructose corn syrup junk. If you want to still drink alcohol then space it out to the weekends only.
  13. Eat More Fish to Up the Leptin: Yeah, this natural fatty acid does wonders.
  14. Learn to Love Veggies: This is a given!
  15. Eat Smaller Meals More Often (And Don’t Skip the Snacks!): Keep some almonds, walnuts, and maybe pita chips around to munch. This will keep your metabolism going and curve your appetite from overeating.
  16. Reduce Carbs: Eat More Proteins and Healthy Fats (Olive Oil, Omega 3, protein shakes)
  17. Stop Being Lazy: This is the number two reason people do not burn fat (number 1 is over eating). Ideally you should find a way to sweat everyday! If your not doing this everyday then you better sweat hard on your next work out day.
  18. Walk More and Drive Less: Walking is a great stress reliever, calorie burner, and muscle toner. Driving is a great way to have a flat but and a gut. Need I say more??
  19. Get More Sleep: This is more important then you think and with recent study’s showing longer life expectancy and longer brain brilliance from sleeping in, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore if you like your zzz’s. Having a lazy day and getting a little extra sleep is perfectly fine.
  20. Take your vitamins: A multivitamin is essential for everyone, also green tea and digestion enzymes have been proven to help lose and maintain good weight. If you have the time and money take it a step further and have your body tested for what minerals and nutrients it needs more of. Then get the correct supplements to balance that out.

Written by Charles Yarbrough an avid health fanatic and partner at Web Host Pro

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