Business networking tips

First with any social environment you need to put your ego aside and focus on other people feeling better. At a business networking event if you can work the room leaving people feeling good everywhere you go you will leave a major impression and people will want to contact you later. The first step in leaving a major impression is knowing how to talk in a positive way, some people call this the Social Ninja techinique.

First after getting a little information you need to ask….

1. How they did it.

2. Why they did it.

3. What they liked about it.

4. What they learned from it.

5. What you should do if you’re in a similar situation.

6. When your done talking at the right time to really leave a good impression don’t just say good bye or shake their hand. Use both hands and look them in the eye when you say that it was really nice to meet you.

By asking these questions you are showing that you value their opinion and more important in their mind they are creating a positive and higher respect for your ability seek a good opinion.

After a guided conversation, they should feel great about themselves and about your sense of judgement.

On a professional peer level people will almost always respect you if you respect them.

7. Don’t just hand them a card, write something on your card like your Facebook name or rime to call. This will provoke a call to action and will show that you care about them contacting you.

At the end of the event hopefully you have given out all your cards, feel great for helping others feel better and most of all left a major impression on your peers.

Good luck and don’t forget to smile.

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