I’m not going to lie, I have lied before. In fact there was a time I thought lying was easy. Granted, I have always took my integrity into effect, in fact probably more than most. Even with all the integrity in the world, you still inevitably grow up surrounded with millions of lies. From fairy tales to the press to parents not wanting to explain something, so they take the easy street. Politics, Doctors, Police, Teachers, Business, all lying everyday to children. Yes it is tough to some how hold merit to the truth

Sure, it’s hard to imagine a world based on truth, and it poses the question, is truth even better?

For example if you cheated on your loved one, should you tell them for something that will never happen again and something you regret more then anything you could imagine? Granted with cheating (in most cases) people confess for their own relief and the risk of losing TRUST is a fine line in any relationship. The truth here is you can’t hide it, it will eat you alive. The reality is that the most important part of cheating is “why you did it”, not how it was done, it is also very important if you can take FULL responsibility for your huge mistake.

You probably will have ruined the relationship you cheated on, but if you can except your mistake and be honest about what you did, I think you can actually become a better person for it. I know it’s sounds crazy, getting better from cheating! It’s true though, now if you cheat a second time you might just be a bad person and need to reset yourself with a no speak trip to India.

  • What about showing up late to work? You will get in more trouble for sleeping in, then say a fake flat tire story.
  • What about holidays? Can you really not celebrate a holiday because you are not religious?
  • Politics? Is it worth telling the public the truth even though it will scare the hell out of people that are not strong?

And on a spiritual level, without lies we would never have that feeling of enlightenment when we see the truth.

So the question still remains, are we ready for truth, or is truth just another unexplained gray area?

I would like to think that the world is not only ready for truth, but stuck in the middle of the desert thirsty for it! I think that is why Obama is President, I think truth (transparency) is why small business is taking over corporate start ups. I also think truth is how we will get our country back to number 1 in the world again. Although we need to some basic principles as a country if we can make the transition, so I put together ten things that might help us find the path as a people to prosperitable truth.


  1. We need to teach objectively and not with a matter of fact method.
  2. We need to not judge people for their sexual preferences or difference.
  3. We need to stop doing business with companies that hide who they are and where your money goes.
  4. We need to post the details of our country on a website, the truth, without filtering.
  5. We need to hold our police accountable for their mistakes and behavior just like our citizens.
  6. We need to not fear regret but use it as a way to build a better person and make the initial regret fade away.
  7. We need to separate imagination and lies. There is a fine line but it can be drawn and should be respected.
  8. We need to learn from New York and be O.K. with someone not liking us, in fact I would say if you don’t have people not liking you then you not being true to yourself.
  9. We need to stop being forceful in our beliefs but to respect people for their differences. There is now over 30 large religions and over 5 large non religions, embrace that yours is not for everyone.
  10. We need to see truth as the standard and the levels above truth being what is outstanding. Just being honest is not outstanding it is now the premise of what we need to survive as a country and people.

The lighter side of honesty is the feeling of not having to keep track! It’s a great feeling and in the end will make you less stressed and inherently happier.

Disclaimer: Poker is the exception, if you have the nuts you better lie your but off to get as much money in the pot as possible.


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