What is the worth of money?

One of my favorite sayings is “it’s not money that makes you wealthy, it’s the freedom to do what you want, when you want.” I like the idea that we are not controlled by fabricated monitory objects. It’s the principle, the reward, the idea that money gives you abilities in life. And if used correctly, you can use it to make more exponentially. This of coursed is balanced by if you want to have even amounts of reward, or sacrifice for a possible better long term reward. For example; If you never went out for dinner you would have over 3k extra dollars a year, in 5 years you could use that 15k to buy a business or a house down payment which can make more money faster than you salary.

I ran into another quote this morning which sparked this whole shpeal. “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Again this puts money as a tool not as the core function for value. After all if you work 1 hour and make $400 you see the money differently than someone who worked a hard 40 hour week to make the same $400.

It’s not the money that creates it’s value, it’s the persons perspective on money.


Once you truly wrap your head around this, there is several new ways you can benefit from this.

1. You can realize that you are brainwashed by your ability to make money and focus yourself on seeing money in the same way someone that works very hard for it does.

2. You realize it is easier to get money from  people that have more. Well unless they realized what I am trying to explain, than they might be even be cheaper than an average middle class customer. In fact most very rich people I know are very cheap in their everyday life and only cut loose every great once in a while.

Yeah, we all like to have money! It’s just important to realize money is merely a tool and if we have to spend a lot of time to get it then you need to see it as the time you spent not the value society wants you to think. Stop comparing your life to someone with more money, there life is not better it is just a different life.

Never forget: Happiness, Health, Love, and Prosperity all are free.

We all have heard that “time is money” but more importantly we need to understand that “money is really just the time and sacrifice we spent to get it”


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