10 things driven people avoid

Being driven is not something you are born with, it’s takes time to learn just like any other trait. Here are some short cuts to start taking more action towards your goals today. Shout out to TADLA for helping me clean things up!

1. Feeling Bad for Yourself.
Most driven people take what they can from a bad situation, learn from it, and move on. Never feel like the world owes you something, it does not.

2. Allowing Others to Use You.
Driven people can see right away if someone is trying to use them or take their energy. When you see this happening or foresee this, shake it off and move on.

3. Being Afraid of Change
Driven people embrace change and realize to succeed you must adapt and excel.

4. Worrying About Things You Cannot Control
To be driven is to not let minor situations set back your overall goal. Things will always set you back, the trick is to let it effect you the least amount possible and stay moving forward.

5. People Pleasing
Driven people do not get ahead by kissing butts. They make their own path and plow through anything in their way.

6. Fear of Risk
Without risk most great things in life will not be possible. Otherwise everyone would do it. You need to learn how to make calculated risks.

7. Living in the Past
Driven people know the past is only there to learn from. Dwelling will only cause depression or unwarranted over thinking.

8. Being Afraid of Being Alone
If you are afraid to be alone you are losing out on much needed clear thinking and time to focus. Not to mention you also might have some minor signs of depression.

9. Looking Down on Other People Better Than You
It’s a fact of life, there will always be some people better than you at certain things. Rather than see this person as a competitor, you should use their skills to your advantage by learning from their expertise.

10. Giving Up
Guess what? You WILL fail and you WILL encounter obstacles. Don’t let this stop you; learn from your mistakes and let them fuel you in moving forward.

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