It’s o.k. to fail, it’s when you stop accepting your faults that you become a failure.

I always wonder why people are so angry when they fail, do people really think they are perfect, that somehow they have this ability to never error in life. On the other hand I equally wonder how people bathe in failure and almost manifest it before it happens.

Failure will equal strength.

How to deal with failure:

  1. I think the balance is to do you best and in some way fool yourself that failure is not an option.
  2. Then if failure happens shake it off and say damn I almost had it or say next time I will do this. Except that this does not make you less of a person and it will if done right make you a better person.
  3. At that point think about what you could do better and allow that feeling of new strength take over.
  4. Now allow yourself to grow as a better more developed person from this experience.

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