Goals want to be found, it’s only lack of focus and probability that hides them away.

I was just running through my emails this morning and saw a mass mail about finding your goals. I am sure you have seen them a million times. For the small price of $19.99 you can download an Ebook that delivers the secrets to all your goals. Whether it’s the laws of attraction, confidence, or just plain luck. The truth is there is no secret, people have been accomplishing goals for thousands of years. We didn’t just figure out the secret a couple years ago. The bottom line is there probably is no special tactic, we can only see what has worked for sure.

We know these help achieve goals for sure:

  1. Hard work (not having a clock tell you when you can and can’t work.)
  2. Commitment (not letting other things in your life take away from your goal)
  3. Focus (staying on your path to find your goal)
  4. Patience (not letting the time it takes to discourage you)
  5. Luck (being available when life throws you a bone)
  6. Perseverance (not letting past failures stop you from trying again)
  7. Strength (being able to force things that will not go easily)
  8. Aptitude (knowing what goals are achievable, “being invisible” is probably not a realistic goal)

I would create your own list with these options in mind. Print it out and hang it on your wall.

As for the “laws of attraction” this can’t hurt, so be confident that you deserve everything you want. And I hope life brings it to you!

Have more ideas of what ideals can help achieve a goal? Please post them below.


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