noun \?spir-i-ch?-?wa-l?-t?\
: the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters : the quality or state of being spiritual

It’s amazing the depth that goes behind inner spirituality. Thousands and thousands of places teach and practice it. Millions of people are opening their eyes to it everyday. Yet with all this activity and knowledge there is no simple way to describe what spirituality is.

After living in Tibet, Jamaica, and Costa Rica, I was able to get a little perspective on this growing cultural movement. But still the more I have learned the less I have I know.


After years of reading Buddhist principals and fortunately meeting people that have dedicated their life to the peaceful journey I have been able to come to a couple basic principles to get one started on the spiritual cycle.

1. Spirituality is a look inward.

2. Spirituality is a peaceful and forgiving practice.

3. Spirituality is not a destination it all about the journey.

There is thousands of pages that go far, far, deeper than this. I just hope this will help someone that wants to start the mission to inner peace through spirituality.

Good luck



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