Weight Loss

I know there is a million weight loss tips out there. I am sure at this point you know the main rule, if you eat too many calories without burning them, they turn to fat. So you can burn a lot of calories and eat almost anything or be lazy and have to eat perfect. You pick, but if you are lazy and eat bad you will get fat. A good acquaintance Tony Robbins said “You can only get as fat as the food you put in your body.”

This article is not about calories though, this article is about 5 other things that you may not of known about.

1. Exercise in the morning
Exercising in the morning kick starts your metabolism right away and gives you more energy through the day. This is a double attack on fat! Start the day off right and hit the gym before work.

2. Drink more water!
I don’t care what anyone says, you cannot drink too much water. You can, drink too little. In fact I think you can only last 3-5 days without water and your body is made of about 60% water. This means you are a walking suit of water and every part of your body needs it to clean out the old and put in new fresh clean fluid. So drink water all day as much as you can. A gallon a day is a good rule of thumb. Filling a gallon jug and forcing yourself to finish each day works.

3. Do different things
If you’re like me, you have your favorite workouts. For me it’s benching 4 plates or curling hundreds of pounds, but if you want to be healthy and fit you need to work out and exercise everything. The more you hit a muscle from different angles the stronger it will be. Your muscles have memories and need to be confused to get past muscle plateaus.

4. Find your inspiration
Find your favorite workout music, hang pictures of people you want to be like, read and share more articles, and make friends that are like minded. Motivation comes from all things that help you desire your goal.

5. Last but not least, watch your lifestyle
Someone once told me training is 90% mental 8%diet, and 2% working out. I know this sounds extreme but you can only get as healthy and strong as you believe you should be. If you are eating bad food you are just telling yourself you want to be unhealthy. Be true to yourself (walk the talk) and believe that you can be the person you want. Eat healthy foods and hit the gym everyday. You will see how much easier things get as you follow through with what you feel you should be doing.

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