Natural born healer

Some people believe that one of the inherit skills certain people have is to be a natural healer. These people service a purpose to help others and tend to be drawn to sick people and lost souls. They have a innate skill to cure people with words and and energy. Some of the traits of these type of people are:

1. You want to touch those who are upset or in pain.
2. You can sense when a person is ill before they know it. You want give advice on how to stay healthy.
3. You can see auras around people. A colorful energy sounding a person.
4. You tend to be drawn to desperate or needy people.
5. You have a deep need to help people.
6. You feel comfortable, want to help, and love animals.
7. The very old and very young feel comfortable with you.
8. You believe in the power of the mind to heal the body, mind of matter, and quantum response.
9. You find it easy to give compliments.
10. You love to hug and cuddle.
11. You like to hold peoples heads when they are sad and
12. You like hold hands with your significant other.

It is also said that we are all capable of being healers and can receive this gift early in life, much later, or ever. The untrained healer, “Natural” healer uses his/her own energy to heal others. This has a devastating effect on them since they weaken their own bodies and become susceptible to any and all diseases.

It’s important to help him/her to realize that they have this power so they can control their own health by using it sparingly. It’s important to only touch or hold as long as needed and to remove yourself a safe distance after the healing is done.




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