Let’s get productive

I have covered many topics on productivity, most cover ambition and perseverance or some sort of psychobabble. In this one article I’ll try to get less philosophical and to the point! The bottom line is if you are behind time you have more stress and distractions, both of these can easily stack up like bad Tetris move. It’s time to take control of time and goals. These tips will help you, meditation and positive optimism will guide you, and success “as it always does” will power you. Here is ten quick tips to controlling time for better productivity.

1. Time, controlling your time and not letting time control you is essential in moving ahead. You need to be ahead of the game as much as possible.

2. Start your day with importance and lose interest later on. Use your first hour to attack the day, this needs to be focused non-distracted time.

3. Stop Facebook and any other time wasting website. Your computer should be for business, news, and a little personal activity. If you want fun go outside!

4. Keep your cell phone off. If you work from home get a second line for business and leave your cell phone in the other room. Focus = Time

5. Make notes the day before. Most nights I like to make a list of what needs to be done the next day. This isn’t about what you can remember, it’s about freeing mind space for new thoughts.

6. Keep your computer home screen (desktop) clean. Make one folder if you have to and call it misc, then put everything in there. The bottom line is seeing a ton of icons or programs is a distraction and Focus = Time.

7. Where shoes. No matter what job you have or what needs to be done you mind kicks in more with real shoes. Leave the flip flops, slippers, and Tivas in the closet for work time.

8. Take a break. Studies have proved over and over that taking a 15 minute break every couple hours helps you work better. Stand up, unplug your head, and go outside for 10-20 minutes.

9. Drink water. As you know our bodies are made of up to 70% water. make sure it’s clean by adding fresh if possible alkalized (smart water) and your mind will thank you with focus, faster thoughts, and less stress.

10. Keep things clean, coordinated, and simple. I know you like telling people how messy you are and how crazy your desk is as if your this mad genius. The truth is you probably are a genius but not mad. Just lazy and overworked. Clean it up, find a place to keep things like a cup and your pen and stick to them. Use drawers and places out of site to put stuff.  Stick to it and you will have more focus and less stress.

Lighten up, striving for perfection is on  the biggest misconceptions of smart people. Settle for good and move on fine tuning your life one day at a time.

Good luck and enjoy your time, it’s the most valuable commodity we have.

Charles Yarbrough