How to stay healthy

There are two types of sicknesses, one is an external sickness. This is a virus , bacteria, or birth defect. This usually takes medication and will get worse if not treated.

What you might not know is the second sickness is self inflicted ailments. These are about 70% of all sicknesses.

Our bodies where built from the inside out and perfectly designed to stay healthy. It’s only when we upset our body that it becomes weaker and can be sick from itself. Sickness most of the time is healed from within, just like how we where created. If your body is distracted with other things it might not be able to do it what needs to be healthy. Think of your body as a car that brakes down. Would you rather go to a local auto shop or the manufacture? You should think of sickness in the same way, you have the power to heal much better than a doctor. The trick to this is to start with you to heal.

For example if you are in a stressful home, your body will be distracted from the stress and not be able to work the way it should. If you take too many drugs or drink too much it will have the same effect. It’s extremely important to do all negative things in moderation so your body has time to repair the damages. You don’t want your body busy with a hang over when it needs to clean out some bad blood cells.

Your body wants to do it’s job, it was made to stay healthy and to fight off anything bad you do to it. But like anything, if it’s neglected or taken advantage of it will lose it’s strength to do it’s main purpose.

The term “Medical” is just things we do not understand. 100 years ago we never thought 8 hours of sleep would help us live longer, we thought cigarettes where healthy, and penicillin was just invented in 1928. What we think is “Medical” is just something we do not understand yet. It’s the more you understand about healing the more you can heal yourself.

So for now here is 5 tips on how to heal yourself from within:

1. Drink water – Our bodies are 60% or more water and fresh clean balanced water will flush out bad water and replenish your body so it can function better.

2. Meditate – OM MANI PADME HUM is an amazing chant and mantra that will help you release stress and allow your body to get back on track. Here is a 20 minute track of it: Meditate Try to make it all the way!

3. Take supplements – It’s amazing what we have readily available in the point in time. Herbs from all over the world are minutes away. Grab them take as many as you can and most importantly let the herbs do their job. You have to believe!

4. Be alone – Our bodies need time alone to focus, distractions come in all forms. Go to a quite place and just be alone for a while.

6. Eat healthy – This is more a preemptive, but maybe the most important. Everything you put in your body has to be processed and the worse it is the harder your body has to work backing up from what it is suppose to do keep your cells clean.

This is a short list but a solid start.

Good luck with your health.

Charles Yarbrough