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How to be a social Ninja in 7 steps

Some people are just social, they say the right things, people are drawn to them, and somehow they are funny all the time. I remember in high school who these guys where and it’s just came natural for them. We all have our strengths and for most of us being awesomely social is not one of them. Don’t worry! It’s o.k., this usually just means your strength is in something else like art, creativity, or a dozen of other awesome things. This little tid bit is to help the average social person dial social interaction in like a Ninja! Remember all of these rules work with all conversations, not just in business.

Here are 7 secrets to making people more compelled in your conversation.

1. Have a GOAL IN MIND.
If you know what you want, it will effect the conversation without you even thinking about it. Set your goal before you start talking.

1. RESPECT them.
Having true respect for someone comes through in your body language and almost everything you do. On a professional level having respect for someone will almost always return the respect back on you.

2. Ask HOW they did it. 
Whatever the topic is or anything that you want to talk about. Asking them “how they did it” makes them feel important and gives them more interest in the conversation instantaneously (thank god for spell check). For example, you are at a trade show and see a business owner that just launched a new product. Try this: “Hey, you’re the guy that did the Face Squeegee, how did the launch go?”

3. Ask WHY they did it.
A nice follow up is to ask why they did it. For example: “That’s awesome, why did you launch it now?”

4. Ask WHAT THEY LIKED about it.
Keep things moving with a: “What did you like about the launch?” or “Did it go as well as you liked?”

5. Ask WHAT THEY LEARNED from it.
Everything is at least but a learning experience, it’s an easy transition from here to: “Would you do anything different?” or “Did you learn anything from it?”

People love to give advice and talk about their successes. It’s self empowering and it ties in the whole reason we are on this planet. To try and make the world better, right. You could easy slide this topic in with a: “Any advice for someone else trying this?”

7. Leave with a STRONG GOOD BYE.
Don’t just nod or smile, shake their hand or use both hands and shake gentry. Look them in the eye and say thank you and I hope to see you again.

By asking questions people will hold you in higher regard for seeking important information and respect your ability to seek a good opinion (theirs of course). After a conversation like this, they will feel great about themselves and about your sense of judgement. 

Thanks for reading!