The real price

The price of anything is the amount
of life you exchange for it. -Henry David Thoreau

It’s easy to put a price on things, especially if you have a price gun. There is countless businesses and websites finding the value of things and ideas. The one factor that has always been overlooked if the amount of life used in exchange. How do you put a price on a piece of art that was made with the last strands of love from a hopeless romantic or the favorite watch made by a clock worker that made time pieces with passion most might never know. It would have no value to someone that did not know or care about the life put into it.

How can the time put into something make it more important, just because something makes money right away does that really have more value then a slow growing business built with the sweat and tears of a hard working individual? You can check the blue book value of your car but can you forget about the time it saved your life or provided shelter when it was freezing outside?

Maybe the value of something is simply what someone else will pay.

Or maybe.. value should be more about the life put into it. The passion, the history, the sacrifice.

You might think buying some for $20 is no big deal, but if it’s your last $20 you would think differently. The concept of buying and selling away from a dollar value is where business now-a-days is lacking, where Walmart has exterminated, where fast food has abolished, where greed has buried the only thing that has real value in the world. Life.