Internet Explorer ends a 20 year run

It’s sad to see Internet Explorer finally be retired. I do have to agree though, for about 10 years now I have not cared for IE. I guess I just always thought people with little computer experience and default settings would give it a place for life. Little did I know that everyone would catch on to the security and performance issues. With dominate web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, even Microsoft has agreed that IE has fallen too far behind. This coming the day after Bill Gates was declared the richest man alive again. I guess he is not sweating the little stuff.

If you are still using Internet Explorer just do Google search for “Download Chrome” and install it. It’s fast, safer, and has a clean interface. It will feel weird using it for a while but you will get used it and thank me once you do.

I do feel a little teary eyes to see something I have spent so much time with go, farewell IE and RIP.