7 things you should be doing with Coconut oil

Coconut oil is slowly becoming the most healthy thing in the world. When you consider the hundreds of uses and the benefits in all elements of health it’s a must have. If not for the hundreds of reasons you need to at least be doing these 8 things to start.

1. Make up remover
Throw out that chemical stuff you have been over paying for since god knows when. Coconut oil is a healthy way to do it and super cheap!

2. Hair repair
Add coconut oil to your hair and let it chill for a couple hours. It’s proven to repair damaged hair and make it healthier.

3. Body scrub
Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and scrub your body away. It will remove dead skin and smells good too!

4. Everything moisturizer
Add coconut oil into your normal lotion and you will bump it up a notch for a deep moisturizer that has additional skin health benefits.

5. Cooking
Coconut oil has fiber, vitamins, minerals, and is an energy booster. I love using it to cook French toast but in reality you can use it with anything kind of sweet you want to make healthier. Try using in place of butter and oil. you can also use it in coffee as a sweetener and it’s great as a meat glaze.

6. Throat and gums
There is something called pulling which is basically gargling and swishing coconut oil. It’s done all over the world by millions because coconut heals mouth sores, cleans, kills bacteria, and kills some viruses!

7. Prevent hair loss
Let’s see, Rogaine is fricken expensive and has some weird stuff I can’t pronounce in it. Instead use Saw Palmetto daily to block DHT and mix coconut oil in with warm water then work it into your hair with your finger tips. Then let it sit for a half an hour and you are ready fro action. I would do one tablespoon for short hair and two or three for long.