How to freshen the air in your Apartment.

Apartments are great. You don’t have to fix anything and for the most part it’s a neat little package of everything you need. There is only one thing, with the reinforced walls they don’t seem to allow the fresh air in very much. You got to open some windows and doors daily but even with the fresh air coming in you will still have some staleness. Stale air is not healthy, can smell some, and make the room feel uncomfortable.

The common way people try to fix this is to use spray room fresheners. The issue there is the chemicals in those are horrible and will make the room less healthy and after the smell goes away shortly after the room will be more stuffy, still stale, and smell the same. They do come in handy for a pinch if you have company on the way. Lemon and Sea Breeze tend to be the freshest smell with room sprays.

So instead of spraying chemical smell over and over and over, try to fix the stale air with a plant. For me I have a huge palm tree in my place and it helps the place feel more natural, it’s cleans the air, it adds oxygen, all with no side effects at all.

Palm trees are not the best for cleaning your air though, in fact spider or sword-leaved varieties will do the most to help. Just ask your local Garden store which these are. Growing plants in apartments is another story but in my experience I have found that they need these things.

  1. Water every day or every other day. Depending on the size of the plant, do a teaspoon for soda can sized plants and a full glass for a 3 foot tall plant.
  2. Place in the best sun possible. Plants cannot get too much sun. I have mine directly in front of a window and it loves it.
  3. Don’t move plants around unless you have to.
  4. Don’t re-pot unless you have to. (This kills plants almost every time.)
  5. Play music, plants seem to like listening to the symphony, I have no idea why but it’s proven. So add some Bach to your playlist and let it roll time to time when you’re out.
  6. Trim off any dead ends, dead ends will take nutrients away from the live parts that need it most. Dead ends will not come back btw.

A happy plant will give you fresh air so take some time and get good at it.

Good luck!


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