How good are brand name smoothies?

After hundreds of tests Men’s Health narrowed down the six best chain store smoothies. These smoothies can help fight off cancer, spruce up your workout routine, and promote overall health. If you are on the run go for one of these for a quick healthy way to cool off and fill up.


Fiber is so important yet the average guy gets less than half they are recommended to get per day. One of these two smoothies will help you get a days worth of Fiber and more.

  1. Bolthouse Farms Multi-V Goodness – This one will give you almost half of your daily fiber.
    266 calories / 48 grams of sugar
  2. Jamba Juice Berry UpBEET – Jamba upped the Fiber by do whole fruit slices.
    230 calories / 38 grams of sugar

Workout smoothies will help you recover from a workout and workout better, grab these ones to help you get a pick me up at the gym or any kind of workout.

  1. Vega’s Choc-a-lot Protein – Made with veggie protein and has all the essential amino acids.
    90 calories / 2 grams of sugar
  2. Jamba Juice Kale-ribbean + Whey protein boost – This one has tons of healthy vegetable nutrients and with the boost gets you up to 20 grams of protein.
    370 calories / 48 grams of sugar

Quick meal replacements can give you everything yo need to get through the day. Grab these when you are on the run and need to fill up.

  1. Naked Juice Acai Machine – This comes with a full days worth of most major vitamins and it has a ton free radical fighting anti-oxidants.
    320 calories / 48 grams of sugar
  2. Starbucks Orange Mango Smoothie – I’m a little against star bucks because of the bad milk they use and that they don’t offer almond milk. With over 11,000 locations this drink had to be added for how easy it is to grab on the go. It’s not too bad health wise and has lot’s nutrients.
    270 calories / 37 grams of sugar

Fruit is the best way to get anti-oxidants and the health benefits of these fruits are exponential. If you don’t grab a smoothie make sure to eat some grape fruit, blue berries, apples, and bananas to keep your health rolling.

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