5 simple rules for happiness

For these 5 simple rules for happiness to hold up to their claim, you have to realize that you are not free. You have been brainwashed from birth to think a certain way. No matter how free thinking you believe you are, most of everything you have become to this point is programmed into you. Once you see yourself for who you are, you can start to except your mistakes and move on.

Here is the 5 SIMPLE rules for happiness.

Don’t be too emotional – This might seems a little offensive and sexist but the truth is we all do it. We all let little things effect us substantially more than we should. Have faith, forgive yourself, and focus on positive possibilities.

Don’t ever give up – There is people faster than you, smarter than you, and with more resources than you. The one thing you can have over everyone is to not give up. If you keep chipping away eventually every statue will fall.

Don’t over complicate things – One of the main reasons we are not happy is because our instincts for happiness are based on primal rewards. Like; getting food, surviving, a safe home, and sex. In this day in age these are too easy to get (well one is harder than the others). So we have to artificially create our happiness with things we can think up OR the easiest way to be happy is work for the basics. Walk to the store for your food or even try to grow it! Camp often to remind yourself how lucky you are to have a safe comfortable home. And stay healthy and attractive so you can do the baguloo often.

Don’t take things too seriously – Problems happen and some can seem astronomical unless you put things in perspective. Remember for a few thousand years more or less at different points in time we were chases by dinosaurs, held as slaves, repressed, died around 25 from some unknown decease, and up until a couple hundreds years back couldn’t travel much. If I couldn’t travel you might as well put a fork in me. So try to relax whatever you are going through will pass and it-could-be-much-worse.

Stay young in every way – I’m not talking about forehead tucks and wigs. I mean in your head stay youthful, fun, silly, light-hearted, and especially don’t worry about what other people think about you.


Stay strong, stay fun, and find your adventure.



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