Everyday decisions

I have this habit I started about 3 years ago where I ask myself or Bernard if he is next to me. What should I focus on today. Don’t get me wrong, some days I want to focus on nothing. I have gotten pretty good at doing nothing when I can do it. For most days though, I need to get stuff done for work. Mainly, this is so I can have those non-focus days. After asking myself what to focus on for years, I started adding some extra things to the list. I ask these in the morning before starting work. This doesn’t mean it’s all I focus on, it does help you knock out the things you tend to put on the back burner. Stuff that needs to be done is carried on your back, trust me… not having stuff to do is a great feeling.

So before you head to work ask yourself these:

  1. What should I focus on? It doesn’t have to be one thing but it should more specific than “work” or “fitness” For work, think more like “make an article” or “improve your website”. For fitness try something like, “do cardio” or “focus on legs” (I hate squats, but do them often, trust me).
  2. What does this mean? (What will happen if I focus on what I choose). A lot of times the reward is just to have less stuff that needs to be done lol. Most of the time it will be something you needed to finish but have put off. That is why one thing is best per day. Don’t worry though, if you finish what you focused on you can do a new task the same day. Having a big list can be convoluted, to really focus you should have one maybe two main things at most.
  3. What should I do? I never write down my plan of actions, maybe I should. I just play out the time and process in my head so I can have a clear path to finishing.

With all the focus in the world, it won’t do anything if you don’t know the first rule to getting what you want.

  1. You must ask for the things you want.


Good luck and get your stuff done.

Charles Yarbrough

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