What if you lost everything, how would you start your day?

I had an interesting thought, now that I ran out of things to do in Vegas I’m at home thinking a lot. In one of my random ponders between playing Risk and doing push ups I had an idea.

What if I lost everything?

What if tomorrow, when I wake up; I had no job, no savings, no money, no car, no food, just some clothes and a laptop. What would I do? Then I started thinking how having success can actually hinder more success. I have to admit the hardest I ever worked was when the chips were down. Yet achieving goals clearly helps your confidence which would help you succeed. So the double edged blade is how to stay confident but work like you need it to survive the day.

Of course thinking something and actually having it happen are different worlds.

If if you have confidence oozing out of ear like a Nickelodeon 90’s game show winner. I think we can learn from the idea of how we would approach the day if we had to start from scratch. As I hypothesized more into the idea, I started thinking I’ll need a list of priorities.

  1. I will need food, this is tricky because I have no money, so I would need to make some money and hopefully fast. I hate skipping meals.
  2. I need some security, living moment to moment seems a little stressful
  3. I need more money to pay for rent or depending on your imagination get a place.
  4. I need some friends or at least a dog. Loneliness is really boring.

The fundamentals really. If you could just some how harness that sense of urgency that would come from having nothing, I think you could find a motivation that would bring a higher level of production.

The reality is we don’t need anything more than we have. A nice home, food, companionship, entertainment, anything we beyond this point is just because we are driven or brainwashed to think we need something we don’t.

Or maybe we still work are butts off because of an innate fear that we could lose it all. So we work harder to build our wealth and possessions so we have enough to maintain our lifestyle if something does go wrong. Nothins is wrong with that.

No matter what the reason motivation and creativity or far from a commodity, in fact it’s more of an allusive trait that some just happen to be born with. How can an unmotivated person really find a way to be someone else when they don’t need to. When they already have the fundamentals locked down.

My guess is to come up with game changing scenarios and try to act them out to see if you can pulled out of personal box. Situations that require you to do what it takes to achieve it.

Maybe something like the clear and present goals you would have if you woke up with nothing one morning.

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