What’s really wrong with our economy.

The super wealthy want us to think if they pay fair taxes it will take them out of prosperity and effect business which will lower wages. It will not, billionaires can pay more taxes and thier businesses will be fine and they will still be super rich. Almost all of them pay the least they can to employees no matter how much taxes they pay.

Almost 60% of taxes go to the military, less than .0.5% going to help the poor, and almost none go to help small business compete with massive crooked corporations. If we just raised that to 5% for both and have the super rich pay the same % in taxes we all do (remove loopholes). We would get millions of better entry level jobs, millions of new business owners, and a place for all Americans to sleep and shower so they can get a job.

That’s reality.

Entry level jobs now suck, nobody wants to work at Walmart or fast food. People don’t need a lot of money, they need a work environment they can respect.


Of course the rich are smart and have a lot of influence. They have tricked millions into thinking if they have to pay more taxes the country will collapse, jobs will lower, and people will just freeload.

Don’t be fooled, the super rich are making millions a day. More money than most could even imagine. Not only are they taking almost all the new money, the are paying a much lower tax percentage through loopholes made by paid off politicians.

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  • Fuoco
    December 1, 2015 at 2:46 pm

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